TV Series House, M.D. Helped Detect an Illness in Germany

It’s said, that most physicians don’t appreciate the known TV series House, M.D. But in Germany they should be thankful to the series creators. Thanks to one episode, they discovered the reasons for a patient’s illness. German physicians struggled for a long time, with finding the right diagnosis. Their patient (55) suffered from a fever, deafness, enlarged lymph nodes, heart activity disorders. And they didn’t know why. Until one of them found out the reasons, thanks to Dr. House.


His symptoms, according to Dr. Jürgen Schäfer, corresponded almost exactly to the ones, which appeared in the series. House found out, that the patients heart was failing, due to cobalt poisoning from a faulty artificial joint. Some time ago, they replaced the patient’s ceramic implant with a metal one. Later, they found out, that small broken parts of the ceramic implant were left in his body and were scraping against the new joint. Traces of chromium and cobalt were thus released into the body, causing the patient serious problems.


Hugh Laurie played Dr. Gregory House