This Tree In Sweden Is Almost 10,000 Years Old

Trees generally belong to the oldest living organisms on earth and this seedy spruce is no exception.

Not so high tree was appeared on Fulufjället Mountain in Sweden and was named Old Tjikko. At first sight it isn´t special, but after calculating its age, everyone was shocked – this tree is 9 550 years old!

This type of spruce is actually not uncommon, for example it is like the living Christmas tree in your living room. Well, maybe you did not know that it is these spruces, under which we store gifts, which are the longest living species of plants identified by humans.



Incredible durability is ensured by complex root system and cloning ability. Tree trunk itself will last only 600 years, but after the trunk dies, completely new trunk will grow up from the old roots. This constant regeneration holds these spruces alive.

For thousands of years the tundra climate was punishing the tree and held him to the ground. The last 100 years also “thanks” to global warming become from Old Tjikka proud, full-featured, but as you can see also lone tree that survived in this world more than anything else.




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