Silence That Drive You Crazy – Chamber In Which No One Can Stay Longer Than 45 Minutes

OrfieldLaboratories – Experimental anechoic chamber absorbs 99.99% of all the sounds and the noise level is -9.4 dB.

If you sleep and you hear some sounds or noise, which disturb you and you would like to relax in absolute silence at least one time, believe that you wouldn´t enjoy it at all. This is confirmed by practically all visitors at the quietest place on the planet, which is an experimental anechoic chamber in OrfieldLaboratories in the US city of Minneapolis.

Room that absorbs 99.99% of all sounds has the noise level -9.4 dB, and our ears are not “built” for that (compared to normal night in the bedroom is a strength of noise about 30 dB). Most people, who are visiting this special place start to suffer a few minutes later from acoustic hallucinations, claustrophobia and panic.


The Chamber therefore earned mention in the Guinness Book of Records. Anything here doesn´t make any sound, does not beep, does not tap or vibrate. Although it sounds very good at the first time, but no one here alone in the dark did not stay longer than 45 minutes.


Steven Orfield, founder and chairman of the company OrfieldLaboratories explained why:


“The quieter the room is, the more things you hear.”


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