Li Ching Yeun and his secret. How is it possible that he lived up to 256 years?

What do you think, how many years have lived the longest living man on earth? Meet Li Ching Yeun, a man who lived an incredible 256 years. If you are asking whether is this a myth or a fairy tale, the answer is no.

According to Time magazine article from 1933, a professor Wu Chung-Chieh of Chengdu University finds records of Chinese government from 1827, when they congratulated Li Ching Yuen for his 150th birthday. In later records from 1877 was noticed his 200th anniversary. In 1928 the correspondent of the New York Times wrote that many old people living in the neighborhood claimed that their grandfathers knew him when they were little boys and that Li was at that time, adult man.


Li Ching Yuen reportedly became a herbalist at the age of 10 years when he collected herbs in mountain areas and acquired knowledge of their potential effects on longevity. Nearly 40 years he lived on a vegetable diet, which included, for example, reishi, goji, Asian ginseng, Polygonatummultiflorum, Gotu Kola and Asian rice wine. In 1749, when he was 71 years old, he joined the Chinese army as a teacher of martial arts. He married 23 times and had more than 200 children.

According to the stories that are said in his home province, Li knew as a child to read and write and when he was 10 years old, he traveled areas of Gansu, Shaanxi, Tibet, Annam, Siam and Manchuria, where he was collecting herbs. He devotes oneself to be herbalist approximately for 100 years. Later he switched to selling herbs of other herbalists.

On his deathbed, Li said: “All I wanted to do in this world, I did.


His secret to long-term health

When Li was asked what his secret to longevity is, he said: ““Keep a quiet heart, sit like a tortoise, walk sprightly like a pigeon and sleep like a dog.” He spoke these words to military commander Wu Pei-fu, who invited Li to his house to teach him the secret of extremely long life.

Li claimed that inner calm and peace of mind combined with breathing techniques are those miracles that ensure his longevity. The obvious fact is also that his alimentation has played a significant role too. It is fascinating that the longest living person in recorded history owes his long life to the state of mind.


Why is it so hard to believe?

Life expectancy in the Western world is currently in the range of 70- 85 years. Therefore, as a just the idea that someone lived more than 100 years, is consider as a minor miracle. So if someone celebrated his 200th anniversary is too far-fetched and no one would believe it. Why not?

Why do we think people cannot live that long?

We must remember that some people don’t have a difficult life, they don´t have exhausting work, they don´t stress over unpaid bills and debts, don´t breathe polluted air and do exercise regularly. They do not eat refined sugar or flour or meal, that had pesticides sprayed on them.


They don´t eat fatty meats, candied desserts, and genetically modified food. No antibiotics. No alcohol and tobacco. Their alimentation not only excludes junk food but also includes “superfoods” and herbs, which are for the human body and the immune system such as steroids.

They spend their free time in nature, where they improve breathing techniques and meditation, which as has been shown improve mental, physical and emotional health. They lead a simple life, they enjoy enough sleep and have a lot of time moving in the fresh air of the surrounding nature and the rays of the sun. When we have time and a chance to relax in the sun we usually call it “vacation”. Imagine spending a lifetime “vacationing” in the mountains … and combine it with a perfect feeling of mental, spiritual and physical health.

If we care about our body and soul as we should, by all right principles of a healthy lifestyle, in the society that is not chasing for success, career, and money and in contaminated nature, who knows how many years would we all lived. Perhaps it would be more.

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