Russian Powerlifter Took a 75-kg Barbell On a Trip. What He Did, Is Incredible


Never say that something is impossible, because there is always a person who can prove you otherwise. Something like that sounds famous sentence, which was confirmed by powerlifter Andrey Rodichev from Russia. He brought on his shoulders 75-kilogram barbell to the highest peak of Europe. He climbed with it to the 5642-meter high Elbrus and he became the first person in the world who achieved something like that.


Performance as of dreamland is not so easy. Rodichev was intensively preparing for the journey and he also adapt his training to it. He trained twice a day, seven days a week. He was running every morning half an hour with an additional weight of 10 kg and in the evenings he was practicing in the gym. To achieve the ideal weight for this challenge, he lost during training about 20 kg of body weight. It was not clear whether he will succeed, but was determined to reach his goal – to raise awareness about powerlifting in his hometown Murmansk.



“The Federation does not have professional equipment for competition and training,”  he told for the media. “A professional 480 kg barbell costs 500,000 rubles ($ 7,980), but the city and regional government have any money, never. I want to do this to draw attention to the Powerlifting Federation in Murmansk region.”


When the final hour came, they loaded 25 kg rod with two pieces of 25 kg discs. He moved at an average speed of 50 meters per hour and in some places due to terrain difficulty his speed dropped to 15 meters per hour. High altitude mountaineering trip last eight days, the last two days the weather conditions were bad. Rodichev had the company of professional instructor and climber Alexander Sukharev all the time. As a reminder of his incredible performance, there is at the top of the mountain bar he was carrying.




Rodichev is looking for someone who will attempt to break his record – he’s promised to assist anyone willing to do so.




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Photos: Strahu-net

Sources: TASS, Sport-Weekend, Arctic TV