Green Coffee Beans Can Help You Lose Weight

Now we often meet with advertising that diet supplements of unroasted green coffee beans are miracle weight loss products. We can´t deny that chlorogenic acid, the content in coffee that with roasting is rapidly decreasing, is a health-enhancing substance.

Scientists described evidence that natural substances extracted from unroasted coffee beans can help control the elevated blood sugar levels and body weight that underpin type 2 diabetes.

Joe A. Vinson, Ph.D. of the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania confirmed that in his contribution at the 245th national American Chemical Society conference in New Orleans, based on his team study.

Chlorogenic acid breaks down when coffee beans are roasted (usually at a temperature of 464-482 degrees Fahrenheit). Roasting gives coffee beans their distinctive color, aroma, and flavor. Green coffee beans, in contrast, have little aroma and a slightly bitter taste.



How it works

Based on those studies, Vinson believes that green coffee beans effects likely are due to a substance called chlorogenic acid that is present in unroasted coffee beans.

The acid acts as an inhibitor of the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase, thereby it is causing the decrease of sugar in the blood and the body compensates it with degradation of fats. However, even miraculous drink of unroasted coffee will not work until we keep one basic rule: “Do not overeat!

If we look at the structure of chlorogenic acid in the picture below, we find out that it contains no chlorine. It was named by the green color of their oxidation products. Ancient Greek “chloros” means a light green. The same word gives the name the chlorine gas, which is also green.

chlorogenic-acid-chemical green coffee beans

Where to get Green Coffee Beans extract

At first, we need green coffee beans if we want to make an extract. We can grow Coffee plants, but it’s necessary to have a right location within a defined area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, or coffee bean belt for an optimal growing environment. Another way is to buy green coffee beans in local coffee roaster or on a local market.

In the home conditions, acid can be obtained by leaving unroasted green coffee beans in hot water. One cup of espresso can contain up to 200 mg. However, the easiest way is to buy a dietary supplement – extract from green coffee beans. Taking ground, unroasted coffee beans in capsules can be an effective tool for losing weight.

Picture: The Ohio State University

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