This Guy Made A Wedding Ring From Real Meteorite

Youtuber and DIY enthusiast Igor thought it would be too impersonal to simply buy his fiancee’s wedding band from a store. So he decided to make his own — out of a meteorite.


Meet Igor, creator of the wedding ring made from a real meteorite.

This meteorite wedding band I made for my own wedding.
It’s made from high-grade pieces of Gibeon Meteorite. The Gibeon is a fine octahedrite iron meteorite which flamed into our atmosphere as a visible star-like streak an estimated 30,000 years ago, landing in what is present-day Namibia.”  he wrote on his website.

Check out the how this  Meteorite engagement ring was made in the video below as well as the photographs of the final product!

gibeon meteorite ring

He got this slab of the Meteorite on Ebay

The Gibeon Meteorite used for  Meteorite Ring has a Big Story behind

The Gibeon meteorite traveled through space for over four billion years before it was finally trapped by the Earth’s gravitational field and pulled to earth as a fireball. It is composed primarily of various alloys of iron and nickel, as well as a number of extremely rare trace elements. It was derived from the core of an extinct planet that was blown apart billions of years ago during the formation of our solar system by a catastrophic impact event. The beautiful crystalline patterns within Gibeon meteorites are known as “Widmanstatten patterns“, and are unique to meteorites.


Step by step how Igor created meteorite ring

gibeon meteorite ring

This piece of meteorite made mostly out of iron. He used the jewelry saw to cut out the proper size piece for the ring.

gibeon meteorite ring diy

gibeon meteorite ring diy

Igor used a center punch to mark a hole for the drilling.

gibeon meteorite ring diy

With a cutting oil, he starts drilling the piece out to fit on the bolt mandrel.

gibeon meteorite ring diy

gibeon meteorite ring diy drilling

gibeon meteorite ring diy turning preparation

Shaping the ring with mini metal lathe 

shaping the gibeon meteorite ring

gibeon meteorite ring almost finish

shaping the gibeon meteorite ring

To do the final polish Igor used diamond powder buffing compound and a piece of cloth.

polishing the gibeon meteorite ring

meteorite ring diy

To reveal the internal crystal structure of the metal he dipped the ring into the ferric chloride solution for a few seconds. Ferric chloride is a metal etching liquid. It acts as an acid so be very careful around it. For putting the meteorite ring into ferric chloride we recommend using gloves.

etching the gibeon meteorite ring

Here is the final result. The meteorite engagement ring.

We think wearing a piece of rock from out of space as a ring is awesome. Watch out Igor’s work also on Facebook and Instagram.

meteorite ring

If you are interested to buy meteorite wedding ring, buy ring here.

meteorite ring

meteorite ring


The video how was made a meteorite ring:

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