How to extend your life?

Marry an intelligent woman.

Is intelligence one of the women qualities that you are searching for? You should…

New research shows that smart women increase the life expectancy of their partner, but they are also prevention of dementia. In the test, which was examined the health of identical twins was found that the environment in which one lives affects his intellectual abilities.

Researchers found that men who marry intelligent women live longer and are happier and suffer less from diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It is well known that intellectually stimulating games are a good prevention of these diseases because they stimulate the brain. So it is logical to assume that the partner who stimulates the intellect can have a positive impact on cognitive abilities. Interestingly, some men who married a highly intelligent woman have after brain scans bad results, but nevertheless, they did not show any signs of mental illness.


Lawrence Whalley, professor of mental health and author of the book Understanding Brain Aging and Dementia said:“What man needs to do in order to live a long life is to marry an intelligent woman. There is no better cure for dementia as intelligence. ”

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