What to Do When You Are Bored? Try these 5 things

Boredom is difficult and could be emotionally damaging if you are going through a rough time in your life. It can affect your creativity and impact your personal and professional life. It’s important to keep your brain active so that it doesn’t think of unhealthy coping mechanisms. The good news is there are several things you can do when you are bored instead of staring into space and watching too much TV, to keep you sane and less unhappy.

Some ideas on the question What to do when you are bored:

Go for a Walk

It’s always good to get a bit of exercise or physical activity. It’s good for your body and your mind. Force yourself to put down your phone and get away from the computer for a few minutes a day and take a walk outside. Take some time to admire the view no matter how ordinary it seems. You may find that there are some things that you failed to appreciate in your surroundings and it gives you some perspective on your situation. Don’t expect to be thrilled out of your mind and just appreciate the simple things.


You can take this time to organize some things in your home and eventually, in your life. You can start small and tackle something more manageable like your drawer. Organize a part of your pantry or a messy bookshelf. Then you can do bigger projects like your entire closet. This encourages you to put order back in your life and gives you the energy to organize the more emotional aspects that might have been a little messy.

Take a New Hobby

When you find that you are running out of things to do and be excited about, it’s a great time to learn new skills and have fun. If you’ve never painted, you can start by buying a starter painting kit. You might be surprised that you have some talent in it. Choose something you’ve always wanted to try but never got to. Maybe take a cooking class in a particular cuisine that you’re interested in, learn how to knit or sew, or even simple tutorials on YouTube.

Take Classes

Today, there are plenty of classes you can take online on a wide variety of topics. Search for lessons that you are interested in and can add to your set of skills. Some of them will even give you certificates of completion which you can add to your resume. What a great way to make use of your free time. There are classes you can take for free and others that come with a subscription. Some of them might lead to a small business that you’re meant to start and others could just be fun things to add to your skills and knowledge.



Instead of thinking of all boring things about your life, you can use this time to reflect or simply just gain more peace by meditating. There are plenty of free meditation apps and tutorials.

We hope that we answered at least partially on your question: What to Do When You Are Bored?