3 Techniques From The Experts To Help You Increase Your Self-Confidence

In our life, we are in situations where we need to kick-off. Whether it is for job interviews, public appearances, presentations or important meetings, an instant dose of self-confidence make no harm at all. Do you know how to? These methods will say.

#1. Assume the pose of a hero, and stay like that for two minutes


A psychologist from Harvard,  Amy Cuddy advises pose of a hero, a winner or conqueror. You should make it before any difficult task. You can do this in the morning right after waking up, in an elevator or at home in front of a mirror, just anywhere.

Straighten up, draw the shoulders back, gently lift the chin and stand feet so that they are in line with hips. Remain in this position for two minutes and try to breathe deeply, the power in you literally grow. You can also raise your hands into the shape of a Vand then you already feel like a winner. Experiments have shown that people, who are practicing this method, perform better results than others. Body language does not influence only how others see us, but also how we see ourselves.

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