10 Fascinating Photos Of Fitness And How It Looks Like Nearly 130 Years Ago

Black and white photos from 1892 show the creations of Dr. Gustav Zander, the man who invented the bodybuilding machine. These photos are currently in Stockholm at the National Museum of Science and Technology.

Dr. Zander, a physician and orthopedic surgeon from Sweden, who understand the connection between effort and overall health. He believed that the muscles had to be built up gradually over time, so he started working on the machines, which would imitate a system and method of movements that people have used for centuries.

Inventions were aimed at more affluent members of society that allowed people like entrepreneurs to separate experiences from practice from what would otherwise be seen as work. In the early 20th century Dr. Zander´s machines were spread across the whole United States.

But in the early 70s Arthur Jones created a machine known as Nautilus that have become very popular and left “relaxation” Dr. Zander´s machines as the forerunner of todays “sweat-inducing” fitness machines.





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