10 Fascinating Images Of The Longest Railway In The World

Trans-Siberian Railway Celebrates 100 Years!

Today it takes by train across Russia about a week. Exactly 100 years ago, when it was officially launched, the journey lasted about a month. All thanks to draggy train with speed of up to 20 mph.

The longest rail in the world

Effort of the workers resulted in the longest railway line in the world that holds this leadership until now. Its length is more than 9100 kilometers extending between Moscow and Vladivostok, even on two continents, passing through 80 cities and small towns, 16 big rivers and time zones vary up to 8 times. Plans to build a railway was delivered already in 1891 by Tsar Alexander III., but officially it was opened up in 1916.


Plan to extend it

Nowadays you can travel in first class for about 570 euros, the second in less than 290 euros and the third is even just for 125 euros.

In the future, it foresees the extension of the railway so one day it will be possible to get from London to Tokyo.

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Period photographs of workers from hard labor camp on the island of Sakhalin, who participated in the construction of railways along the Ussuri River. Photo: circa 1890




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